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5 outta 5

Highly professional with great use of limited animation telling an emotional story fitting to the music nicely through clear and well structured layouts! 5 out of 5

Wow, the production value is through the roof and then some. Crazy to think of seeing animation of this cost here, but I like it!! A 5 star rating if there ever needed to be one!
I can´t imagine the work involved and then leaving it open to become a series of shorts at the end just blows my mind!

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You did make this into a game and a very clever one at that, well done!!

Absolutely charming mine and crafting game that offers just enough difference to not be associated with Minecraft. The story is mystrious and engaging adn the visuals appealing. Everything controls firmly and sounds satisfying. Only issue is I can´t shake off that addictive feeling that you can get from mobile games that pry on obsessive behaviour, but I guess that´s to be expected with this style of collective gameplay. Great job, I wish the developers all the best in achieving their Kickstarter goals!

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We have all unanimously agreed that you are the winner, the question is: When will you aproach the creators about producing these so we may purchase them all!?!?!?!

jagondudo responds:

i'm a big fan of those gashapon capsule toys. I'd defo wanna see a minit theme'd series!

Fantastic idea represented as clear as glass!
I feel the grass takes up a little too much of the screen as far as the composition goes. My eyes do tend to hover around there, and the sky could be darker to help bring the characters out some more. Eitherway, I still really like this piece, best of luck and well done!

JustRigo responds:

Thank you and I totally agree with your critiques. I will keep this in mind for next time.

Great job, I especially like how effective the shading is on appeal and depth.
Thewatering can is letting it down compared to the quality of the otherr elements in the picture. Both the head and sword are convincing enough in having solid 3D shapes, but the watering can feels like it´s made out of melted plasterline. I´d recomend using more geometric shapes instead of drawing it freehand and then bring it down abit from the handle to give a more instantely readable sillouette. I´d flip the can so that the water doesn´t confict with the characters foot and also create a more appealing sillouette for the main character pose in general. You could use one simple curved line inside to represent the abstract shape of the water which I think would fit more with the style and as well use bigger water droplets as the size they are makes the character look like a giant. The font is ace. Keep it up man!


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